Frequent questions about camps

What are TOKA Summer Camps?

TOKA summer camps are overnight camps that take place at the Gërmia Recreational Center, in Prishtina - Kosovo.

The purpose of our camps is to empower and inspire young people to learn new skills, protect the environment, and contribute to their communities. The camps do this by providing a wide range of fun and challenging activities throughout the week. At a TOKA camp you will go hiking, play teambuilding games, learn new leadership skills, get to know other young people from around Kosovo, and spend time relaxing by the campfire and looking up at the stars. Some camps also include excursions around Kosovo.


Who can participate?

TOKA’s camps are open to all participants regardless of their gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, physical ability, and nationality.


How old do you have to be to attend TOKA camps?

The age of participants varies by camp, but is usually within the age range of 14-18 years old.


How long does a camp last?

It depends on the camp program, but usually camps run from 3 to 8 days.


How many participants are there per camp?

Depending on the program, TOKA usually has about 40 participants per camp.


How do we select the participants?

Selection of participants is based on the following criteria:

-  Age – participants are selected based on the age requirements of the camp.
-  Gender – at each camp TOKA aims to have equal gender representation.
-  Motivation – TOKA prioritizes participants who show the most motivation to be part of the camps. This is why we ask all applicants to submit a video or an essay up to 500 words explaining their motivation to join.
-  Willingness to volunteer – TOKA appreciates and wants to support those who wish to contribute to making Kosovo a better place. Therefore, we give priority to candidates who offer to carry out volunteer hours.
-  Diversity – we believe that the most stimulating program is one where participants have the opportunity to learn from each other. Therefore, when we select the candidates, we also try to include participants from a wide range of backgrounds.


Is it necessary to have my parent's permission?

Participants under the age of 18 are required to get their parent’s signed permission prior to arriving at camp, otherwise they are not allowed to participate in the camp. A parental approval form will be emailed to you after you are accepted into the camp.


How much is the participation fee per camp?

Participation costs for the program vary based on the camp – accurate fee information can be found on the specific camp page. However, if you are unable to pay but still want to attend, each camp has a limited number of scholarships for participants who can prove financial need. If you require a scholarship to attend the camp, please indicate this in the application form.


What are the conditions to win a scholarship for TOKA camps?

In order to qualify for a scholarship, you need to send TOKA proof that your family receives social assistance or that you have a low family income. We will ask for proof of this after you have been accepted into the camp.


Where are the camps?

TOKA Camps are held at the Gërmia Recreational Centre. For directions to the Centre click here.


Which language will be used during the camps?

In general, the camps are in Albanian, with the exception of the Regional Camp and International Camp, which will be held in English.


I am an international participant. Will TOKA help me book my flight?

Yes, TOKA will advise participants on booking their flights. However, in most cases TOKA will not cover the costs of airfare.


I am an international participant and I will arrive in Kosovo before the program start date. Will I have a place to stay?

Yes, if you arrive 1-2 days before the beginning of the camp TOKA will help arrange a place for you to stay, either at the camp space or at the home of a TOKA staff member. However, it is important that you communicate this information to TOKA well before you are due to arrive.


Will someone pick me up at the airport?

Yes, if you are an international participant TOKA will arrange a staff member to meet you at the airport.  To do so, you must provide TOKA with your flight information before your arrival.


Do I need a visa to visit Kosovo?

Most of the countries do not need a visa to enter Kosovo. However, we recommend you check the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (,87) where you can find the visa requirements for other citizens entering Kosovo.


Do I need to bring any money with me to camp?

In general participants do not need to spend much money while they are at the camp. However, a refundable 25 Euro deposit is required from all participants, which will be returned at the end of camp. If you require bed sheets, a 10 Euro fee will also be required to secure them.

At camps with excursions, there will be short opportunities to purchase snacks or souvenirs. You have the option to bring a small amount of money for these instances.

The currency used in Kosovo is EURO.


Can I apply if I’ve already been to a TOKA program?

Yes, you may apply if you’ve already attended camps in the past, however priority will be given to new participants.


Can TOKA’s program alumni participate in the camps as volunteers?

Based on our needs, TOKA may engage alumni as volunteers. Please contact us if this is something that interests you, and we will make a decision on a case-by-case basis.


Can I apply to more than one camp?

Yes, you can apply to more than one camp, but priority will be given to new participants.


Do we have to bring our own food to camp?

TOKA will provide three meals per day to participants. However, participants are encouraged to bring snacks, which they can keep in their cabins. TOKA will try to accommodate dietary restrictions, however it is important that you inform TOKA about your dietary needs before the beginning of the camp so we can make arrangements.


Who are the organizers and supporters of the camps?

In each camp TOKA is responsible for creating and organizing the program, which will be led by local and international educators. In addition, our partners sometimes implement specific activities during the camp.